Important Items that Should Be Stored in Your Safe

Important Items that Should Be Stored in Your Safe

To keep your most important possession protected against theft and fire, it's smart to store them in a high-quality safe. Your safe will allow you to easily access your possessions, while keeping thieves' hands off of your valuable items. At Copperstate Lock & Security, we specialize in safe sales and service. We can take your particular needs and budget into account, and then set you up with the ideal safe for your situation.

Possessions to Keep in Your Safe

Your important legal documents should be stored in a safe that will protect them from fire and burglary. Social security cards and birth certificates are documents that you'll definitely want to keep away from criminals who engage in identity thievery. Also, you may at some point find yourself in a situation where you have to prove your identity, in which case it's crucial that such documents have been safely stowed. Passports should also be kept in a safe so that they don't end up in the hands of a counterfeiter, and also so that you know right where they are in case you find yourself leaving on a last-minute trip. It's also smart to keep titles and proofs of ownership in a safe so that you'll have the documentation you need if you find yourself in an ownership dispute.

A burglary safe is a great way to protect cash and precious metals. There are many types of burglary safes available and we can help you find one that meets your size and protection requirements. And if you want to protect jewelry from thieves, while still keeping it properly organized and accessible for yourself, then there are specific jewelry safes that will do the job. It's also smart to keep irreplaceable family heirlooms in your safe. Even if your heirlooms don't hold high cash value, they might still get snatched up by an undiscerning home invader, potentially leaving you devastated at the loss.

Especially if there are children in the home, it's crucial that firearm collections are kept securely in a gun safe. A gun safe will allow you to promptly access your firearms, but will keep them out of the hands of kids and home intruders.

Safe Sales & Service in Tempe, AZ

If you need a safe, contact Copperstate Lock & Security at (480) 785-9999. We're your local home security experts and would be happy to talk with you about ways to make your home or business more secure. Feel free to give us a call today to ask about our selection of home safes!

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Posted: September 2021

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