7 Types of Safes to Consider

7 Types of Safes to Consider

7 Types of Safes to ConsiderFor both monetary and sentimental reasons, you have certain possessions that need an extra layer of security. When trying to decide which type of safe will be best for you, it can be useful to consult an experienced locksmith. Here's a look at seven different types of safes.

Burglary Safe

For cash and gold, burglary safes are an excellent option because they're constructed with thick steel, as well as locking mechanisms that are incredibly difficult to compromise. They can be bolted to the floor to make it even more difficult for would-be thieves.

Wall Safe

These safes are built into the wall and are particularly desirable because they can be hidden behind items such as paintings and bookshelves.

Jewelry Safe

Jewelry safes strike the right balance of protection from thieves and accessibility for rightful owners. Though they're not the most protective safes, they still provide a high level of security.

Floor Safe

Floor safes are built right into concrete flooring, making them essentially impossible to move.

Fire Safe

These safes aren't ideal for burglary protection because their locking mechanisms aren't the most complicated. However, they will provide optimal protection if your home or businesses catches fire. When selecting a fire safe, it's important to look closely at its fire rating, which will make clear its level of heat-resistance.

Deposit Safe

Typically used for businesses that handle large sums of cash, deposit safes will only provide access to the most trusted employees who have been given the keycode.

Gun Safe

Especially if there are children in the home, a gun safe is a necessary precaution. It'll keep your guns readily available, but only to you.

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Posted: July 3, 2020

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