Different Types of Specialty Keys

Different Types of Specialty Keys

Different Types of Specialty KeysThere are now many keys on the market that are designed to minimize the risk of theft. Whether for your home, office, or vehicle, there are several types of keys that can increase protection for your family, your employees, and your valuables. Because these keys are intentionally difficult for an amateur to duplicate, you'll typically need an experienced locksmith to fashion them for you. Here's a look at five kinds of specialty keys.

Multi-Sided Keys

These keys are double or four-sided and have teeth on more than just the one side. Designed primarily for residential use, these locking mechanisms are very difficult for an intruder to manipulate. This is a great way to upgrade your home security even if you don't currently have the money to purchase the most high-tech equipment, such as an HD internet-connected surveillance system.

Transponder Key

Transponder keys are very common with newer-model vehicles. These technologically advanced keys use a radio signal that activates when you get within a calculated range of your car. For vehicle protection, transponder keys are a great option because they are designed to deter theft and cannot be copied easily.

Abloy Key

Abloy keys are used with disc tumbler locks and are highly desirable because they are nearly impossible to manipulate.

Tubular Key

Tubular keys may be best known for their use with bike locks, but they are used for other situations too. Also known as barrel keys, they have cylindrical shafts and are paired with tubular pin tumbler locks.

Paracentric Key

Paracentric keys have little teeth and a unique blade shape. They are part of a locking system that is very difficult to pick.

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Posted: September 26, 2020

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