What documents should be kept in a safe?

What documents should be kept in a safe?

What documents should be kept in a safe?In most households there are numerous important documents that should be supremely safeguarded. To help protect yourself from identity theft---and to be able to prove your own identity---you'll want to make sure that you take proper security measures for documents like birth certificates and social security cards. Here's a look at seven documents that should be stored in a safe.


Because passport replacement is such a hassle and could prevent you from going on a planned trip, you'll want to make sure yours is stored in a secure location.


Both living and last will should be safely protected. And for proper legal authority, you should have your will notarized.

Original Birth Certificates

You'll want to use a safe that thoroughly safeguards your family's original birth certificates from flood and fire. These are documents that you might need at some point for verifying your identity.

Original Social Security Cards

Your family's original social security cards should be protected not just from water and fire, but also from thieves who are interested in identity theft.

Heirloom Letters/Photos

You'd be devastated if you lost that old love letter that your grandpa wrote to your grandma. And even if you have copies of old family photos, there is a sentimental quality to the originals that makes them priceless.

Tax Returns

As a general rule, you should keep tax return documents for three years because this is how long the IRS has to decide if they want to conduct an audit. Even if you have documents stored on a computer, it's still wise to keep hard copies in case of a technological calamity.

Property Deeds/Ownership Forms

Any document that proves your ownership, whether for a home or vehicle, should be kept in a location that is accessible to you, but not to anyone else.

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Posted: August 26, 2020

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