Commercial Locksmith Services Tempe, AZ

Commercial Locksmith Services Tempe, AZ

Commercial Locksmith Services Tempe, AZYour business is far more than just your job---it's your passion and the means by which you support your family. To provide it with proper protection, there are certain security measures that should be taken. Whether you own a small boutique or a sprawling industrial operation, you want to make sure that you control access to the premises while minimizing the risks posed by thieves and vandals. If you need a commercial locksmith in Tempe, give us a call at (480) 531-8083!

  • Access Control Systems
  • Security Cameras
  • Replace/Install Deadbolts
  • Extract Broken Keys
  • Master Key Systems
  • Window Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Audio/Intercom Phones

HD Video Surveillance

A hi-def system with IP access will allow you to view surveillance footage from your phone, laptop, or iPad. When it's made clear that cameras are on the premises, your security camera system can prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. Then, if a crime does occur, you can use the footage as valuable evidence.

Access Control Systems

When trying to decide which access control system will work best for your particular situation, there are several factors to take into consideration. By first consulting a reputable commercial locksmith, you can be sure that you get the right system for your circumstances. Options include card readers and web-based access control.

High Security Locks

High Security Locks in Tempe, AZBy installing locks that are pick-proof and drill-proof, you can add one more layer of security to keep out intruders. This can be one aspect of a comprehensive security plan to keep your business supremely protected.

If you're looking to increase your business security in Phoenix, feel free to give us a call at (480) 531-8083. We can conduct a comprehensive security analysis for your business that will help you better understand the risks you're facing. For minor upgrades or major overhauls, we are a one-stop shop for commercial locksmithing in Phoenix and Tempe!

"Outstanding service. Jim took care if me when others didn't (Honda Ride Now Chandler). He had to check with his shop and promised to call back and he did. When I showed up to his shop the next day he had the key cut and ready. Jim told me to try it and when it worked he would cut any additional keys for me at $3.50 a key. So for $27 I got three keys and was back on the road. Thanks for taking great care of me Jim."
~ - Local Guide

"My office bathroom Schlage private lock for years has been acting up. We sent it to another shop to a few month ago and they found nothing wrong. As my last resort, I took the lock to Cooperstate and Jim was not only able to identify the problem, but he patiently explained to me what had gone wrong and how to properly put them back to avoid the issue from coming back. He even offer to give me the tool to tighten the nuts. It was a very good experience and $15 service fee saved me over $300.00 for the replacement lock!"

"They showed up on time and were very professional. Installed a color HD surveillance system for my home (records straight to DVR) and it works great, even at night. There's even an app for my iPhone and iPad, so when my wife and I are out, we can check our home in real-time. We are very happy and would highly recommend!"